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Flexible height & length!

Choose from 16 different elements up to 4 available sizes which can be combined with each other. All Elements fit themselfes on your garden atmosphere. Indulge yorself a special item for your garden...


Available heights: 180 | 150 | 120 | 90 cm

Available widhts: 150 | 90 cm


Illustration upper left:

These elements are also available as a beveled version.

Difference of Level:

180 to 150 cm | 150 to 120 cm |

120 to 90 cm | 90 to60 cm


Illustration upper right:

As you can see in the view from above, the different connection piles afford a combination in aligning the elements:

180°(straight run)

90° to the left or right

45° to the left or right



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